Make Big Profits with Tradecurve: The Decentralized Trading Platform

• Arbitrum is a layer 2 blockchain based on Ethereum, which recently experienced high levels of volatility.
• Tradecurve is a decentralized trading platform that offers unparalleled access to financial products in an anonymous way.
• The SEC vs XRP case continues to drag on, with Ripple having already spent over $200 million in legal fees.

Arbitrum’s Volatility

Arbitrum has been experiencing high levels of volatility, after the recent rally lost momentum, and the coin is now trading at a 20% loss on the two weekly charts. Data from Defilama suggests that more money is going into Arbitrum though since the total value locked (TVL) has more than doubled since the start of the year. GMX and Uniswap account for about half of Arbitrum’s TVL. Arbitrum recently airdropped ARB tokens to early adopters, and so selling pressure from this may account for the recent volatility, drop in ARB price and also the increase in TVL.

XRP Price Drop

XRP is also down by 20%, this time over the 30 day chart, as the SEC vs XRP case drags on. About a month ago, XRP’s lawyers were feeling confident that the SEC v XRP case would soon be wrapped up and settled in Ripple’s favor due to findings leaked from the case; however, it appears that SEC are deliberately delaying their decision in order to maintain their record of never losing yet. Crypto lawyers have criticized them for this but only time will tell if XRP can come out victorious..

Tradecurve: A New Decentralized Trading Platform

Tradecurve, a new decentralized trading platform is out to challenge big centralized exchanges by offering unparalleled access to financial products in an anonymous way. Customers will be able to trade US and European equity CFDs, forex, indices, commodities options ETFs bonds and crypto all from one account – something that CEX’s or traditional trading platforms currently do not offer.

Stargate Finance: Most Used DApp On Arbitrum

Stargate finance was reported as being thee most used DApp on Arbitrum over last 30 days overtaking Uniswap; suggesting many people are bridging funds into or out of Arbitrum which could explain why there was such a rally prior to its current dip..


Overall it appears that both Arbitum and XRP are struggling due mainly to external factors outside their control; however Tradecurve seems poised for success as it offers something new to traders who want anonymity when accessing financial products .