Facebook may soon allow Bitcoin to be purchased, says Jason Yanowitz

Facebook and Google may soon offer Bitcoin (BTC) purchasing and payment services.

PayPal is leading the way and is abandoning its waiting list for the purchase of cryptocurrencies.

Facebook and Google may soon offer Bitcoin buying services, says businessman Jason Yanowitz.

Facebook and Google adopt Bitcoin?

According to Jason Yanowitz, CEO of BlockWords Group, tech giants like Facebook and Google are likely to offer Bitcoin buying and payment services on their platform.

He said on Twitter:

Think PayPal is big news? Wait for Facebook and Google to allow their billions of users to buy bitcoin.

PayPal leads the way

On Friday, November 13, the payment giant announced it was dropping its waiting list for buying, holding and selling cryptocurrency in the United States. Thanks to this change, all US customers are now eligible to purchase cryptocurrency directly from their PayPal account.

In addition, the company decided to increase the authorized weekly purchase threshold to $ 20,000 instead of $ 10,000.

By next year, PayPal also plans to allow its users to make PayPal purchases with cryptocurrency. The payments giant plans to eventually make cryptocurrency payments available at 26 million merchants around the world.

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