Celebrate MixMarvel’s 6th Anniversary at the Over the Moon Web3 Reception!

• MixMarvel is celebrating its 6th anniversary with an exclusive Over the Moon Web3 reception on April 11, 2023 in Hong Kong.
• Since its establishment in 2017, MixMarvel has achieved remarkable success in the blockchain industry, including launching HyperDragons, incubating Rocket Protocol, and establishing partnerships with Samsung Games and other industry leaders.
• Cordell Broadus will also be attending the event to give his congratulations to MixMarvel’s achievements.

MixMarvel Celebrates 6th Anniversary

MixMarvel, the world’s leading blockchain content-incubation platform and creators community, announces its 6th anniversary celebration. To make the momentous occasion even more exciting, MixMarvel’s gala will be taking center stage at the upcoming Over the Moon Web3 reception held by MixMarvel and Odaily.

Details of Over The Moon Web3 Reception

Over The Moon Web3 reception will be taking place in Hong Kong on April 11, 2023 and will be receiving over 200 Web3 experts from over 40 top projects to share their interests in the future of Web3. After the afternoon section of hot topic keynote speeches and panel discussions with invited speakers from top-tier blockchain projects like Solana and Sui; MixMarvel will then hold a private web 3 gala to celebrate its journey in the world of blockchain and beyond.

Mix Marvel’s Six Years Journey

Founded in 2017 by a team of game developers, investors, and creative directors from prestigious companies in the industry; since its inception Mix Marvel has expanded its reach through diversified scenarios. It has launched HyperDragons as first NFT & DeFi merger to incubate Rocket Protocol which later became Rangers Protocol as first engine infrastructure for web 3 games; it also helped many blockchain games succeed in Asian market winning numerous awards worldwide. In 2021; Rangers Protocol successfully obtained IDO financing of $420k USD & $3.7 million institutional financing reaching a valuation of $63 million USD; it also established partnership with Samsung Games & launched ‘Mix Marvel SDK’ integrated solution for web 3 games providing a convenient way for mass players to enter web 3 games with commitment to community co-creation building strong creators & developers community working together towards creating innovative solutions across various fields.

Cordell Broadus Congratulates Achievements

For this occasion various guests from top tier blockchain are invited to engage themselves into activities that celebrate Mix Marvel’s 6 years journey & showcase latest accomplishments which includes championing innovation leader Cordell Broadus who is expected to give his congratulations on behalf of entire cryptocurrency & nonfungible token (NFT) industries acknowledging their achievements so far!


The special sixth anniversary celebration at Over The Moon Web3 Reception is expected not just to bring joy but also set new goals for future development as well as giving recognition & respect throughout entire crypto community!