BinaryX Splits Token, Announces New Games & VR/AR Plans for 2023

• ChainwireBinaryX announced it will split its token, BNX.
• The project team ran a DAO vote which received unanimous support to conduct the split.
• BinaryX also unveiled plans to expand their game offerings and introduce VR/AR games into their product lineup later in the year.

ChainwireBinaryX Announces Token Split

ChainwireBinaryX, a Gamefi and IGO platform, recently announced that they will be splitting their token, BNX. A DAO vote was conducted and unanimously supported (99.5%) by the project team, with a timeline for the split yet to be announced on BinaryX’s social media channels. BNX is used as a utility token for activities on the BinaryX ecosystem such as games and for the incubation fund. This move is expected to reduce overall spending costs and increase user acceptance of BNX in order to broaden adoption of the token.

New Games & Plans To Push VR/AR Games

Besides announcing the token split, BinaryX also revealed plans to expand their game offerings with sneak peeks of an update for their flagship game CyberDragon as well as Project M being released soon. Additionally, they are looking into introducing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) games through their IGO platform later this year while receiving applications from VR projects for fundraising support and advisory services. Updates can be found on social media channels such as Twitter and Discord.

Low Threshold For Overall Spending

The decision to split the token is meant to lower threshold overall spending costs while increasing new users’ acceptance of BNX in order to drive its wider adoption within various regions of the world. All consumption scenarios related to old BNX tokens will remain unaffected after the split has been completed – including those related to in-game prizes or Hero prices – leaving pricing structure unchanged at $100 per unit according to CoinMarketCap data from Feb 9th 2021.

Unanimous Support From Community

The decision made by BinaryX was met with overwhelming support from its community members who are confident that this move would have positive impacts towards promoting economic models alongside products within its ecosystem more effectively than ever before as well as providing new utility and consumption scenarios for users worldwide .

Continued Updates On Social Media Channels

Additionally, updates regarding new games or any further information regarding changes or progress made within Binary X can be found across all its social media channels with regularity moving forward throughout 2021 giving community members access up-to-date information at all times when needed most

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