Activate Auto Trading with Bitcoin Buyer

Step 4: Activate Auto Trading
The last step is to start your crypto-trading operations. From the capital present in your account, you can make a first trade.

To do this:

Activate the live price
Configure your robot according to your game strategies, if you wish, and observe the price.
The platform recommends that you do this at least 1 hour a day to be more efficient.
Your winnings come from the robot’s effort and your own strategies.
Adjust Settings and Enable Auto-Trading

Fees on Bitcoin Buyer

It is also a major concern to know the fees charged by the platform. Below, these fees are discussed.

Opening, Deposit and Withdrawal Fees
The bot does not charge its users any fees when they register their accounts. It also does not charge for withdrawals and deposits of funds.

Gains and Losses
As for profits, you are debited with 2% of their amounts. But no rate is charged when you make a loss. The reason: the platform doesn’t really believe in losses.

Main features of Bitcoin Buyer?
Let’s take a closer look at what the features of the Bitcoin Buyer bot look like.

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Ease of use
Trading demo
Account verification

Automation And Presumed Win Rate

Its system is built around artificial intelligence, which is a popular technological approach today.

Bot managers report that it has 99.4% accuracy on all its transactions.

A rather admirable value, but one that cannot be relied upon. The source of such a performance would be a powerful algorithm using new technologies.

Step 1: Open a Bitcoin Buyer Account
To open an account on this platform, you need to

enter your name in a web browser such as Google Chrome
click on the search result indicating the site
fill in the requested information
click on „OPEN MY ACCOUNT“.
From there, you will be contacted by phone by an employee of the platform who will tell you what you need to do to complete your registration. Just follow their instructions.

Step 2: Practice on the Demo Account
The site provides its users with a demo account that allows them to get familiar with the trading robot.

At this stage you can test the fusion between your crypto-trading strategies and those of the bot. An ideal practice that is also possible with a bot like Immediate Edge avis.

Step 3: Deposit Funds on Bitcoin Buyer
The minimum deposit is $250. This amount is actually your trading capital. It is possible to deposit much more, or to debit your account entirely. The deposit methods are purely electronic (bank transfer, credit card, etc.).

deposit Bitcoin hero funds


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